BT21 Official Pyjama T-Shirt Set


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Wear your favourite BT21 character on you at your most comfortable!

Sizes available in:
Tata - S, M
Koya - sold out
Chimmy - S, M, L,
RJ - S, M
Shooky - S, M, L
Mang - S, M, L
Cooky - S, M, L

63% Polyester, 33% reon 4% polyurethane

Pant length S: 92cm, M:95cm, L:98cm
Shirt length S: 60cm M: 62.5cm L: 65cm

This product will be shipped to you directly from Korea, and can take up to 15-20 days to ship to you. Please be patient - we hope you love your item when it arrives!

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