Inspire Me Korea CAFÉ Box [SOLD OUT]


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Korean coffee, teas and CAFÉ inspired items in the June CAFÉ box as well as our BIGGEST K-POP MERCH box ever - with very special exclusive products of BTS and Stray Kids plus NCT127 plus a selection of Culture souvenirs, Beauty Sheet Masks and our Trends and Culture Magazine!

The CAFÉ box contains:

- 1 x BTS 'Boy with Luv' badge
- 1 x Stray Kids 'We Goin' Higher' badge
- Set of NCT127 photocards
- Cute Fries Pencil case
- 1 x Rose Heart OR Cactus sheet mask
- June CAFÉ-themed Language Learning Material
- 1 box of Korean tea (green tea/brown rice/corn tassel)
- 3 sticks of Korean Coffee (Maxim)
- June CAFÉ magazine

Check out all the details of what's in the box on our blog

Products may vary, subject to availability.

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