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Our PAMPER ME BEAUTY Box is here!

Inspired by the essence of Jeju island, we've curated this beauty box that is your FULL K-Beauty Skincare Routine to take care of ALL your skincare needs this winter...

Natural, vegan (no animal products) and using the highest quality Korean ingredients (think ginseng and cactus), this box contains products that will take care of a range of steps from deep-cleansing, gentle peeling of dead skin cells and a hydrating mist for any time during the day, plus 5 high grade sheet masks - you're for sure in good hands.

The PAMPER ME BEAUTY Box contains:

- 1x Secret Nature Jeju Peeling Gel: Gentle peeling gel containing Jeju organic environment-friendly ingredients (over 97% naturally sourced) with natural volcanic ash colour.

- 1 x Sesamis Jeju Foaming Cleanser: Removes invisible sebum and pore-clogging make-up residue that clogs pores, as well as anti-oxidizing, anti-microbial properties of Jeju essence, leaving your skin clean and moisturized.

- 1x Sesamis Natural Originated Jeju Aqua Mist: A must for keeping your skin moist all throughout the day. Refresh and soothe your skin with a noticeable shine!

- Set of 5 x Korean Skincare Sheet Masks:

1 x Rapha Peri Natural Korean Cactus: Infused with the superb healing qualities of Korean Cactus (anti-oxidizing, anti-inflammatory, and circulation-enhancing) and contains only 3 ingredients: Cactus Extract (97%), Mandarin Extract, and Lavender Extract, truly essential ingredients only.

1 x Sesamis Nutritional Ginseng: Ginseng's efficacy in restoring skin from effects of ageing, oxidation stress and acne due to anti-inflammatory properties is well-known in. Infused with ginseng extract, this nutrient mask intensively provides vitality through natural additions of hyaluronic acid, a natural mosturising agent, and aloe vera leaf extract.

1 x Secret Nature Nourishing Coconut: Coconut and Jeju Complex that fully revitalises

1 x Secret Nature Tone Up Strawberry: Sweet and sour red strawberry infusions to soothe and relieve

1 x Secret Nature Deep Moisturizing Green Tea: Nourish your skin with active green tea water ingredients

- 1 x Inspire Me Korea *Special* PAMPER ME BEAUTY magazine


Limited quantity only.

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