Inspire Me Korea *MYSTERY* Box


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Get a taste of South Korea without getting on a plane with our MYSTERY Box!

This box is full of Korean goodies!
Our surprise selection includes a variety of tasty snacks, unique culture items and a copy of our very own EXCLUSIVE magazine! You can read up on the latest trends, learn a new Korean recipe to try in your kitchen, and even brush up on your Korean language skills with help from our language section.
The possibilities are endless with the MYSTERY box...
Let it inspire you to go far!

*Products will vary from photo displayed - items are a random selection of Korean snacks and culture merchandise

This box contains:
- 2-5 randomised delicious Korean snack items (depending on size of snack)
- 3-5 Korean culture merchandise item(s)
- 1 trends, language & culture magazine

For more items and themed goodies each month, subscribe to our monthly CULTURE box!
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