Inspire Me Korea NEW YEAR Box [Sold Out]


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The new year is here! And what better way to ring in 2018 than with New Year-themed Korean goodies?
The NEW YEAR box contains:

- 1 x Hand-made 'Happy New Year' Hanbok Greeting Card
- 1 x Korean Traditional Game 'Jegi Chagi'
- 1 x 'BTS' Illustrated Sticker Set
- 1 x Korean beauty face sheet mask (brand may vary)
- 1 x Crab Chips / Tako Chips
- 1 x Roasted Premium Seaweed
- 1 x Choco Pie
- 2 x Corn Tassel Tea
- Inspire Me Korea magazine NEW YEAR issue

Products may vary, subject to availability.

Check all the details of each of the items in this box on our blog!

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