About Us


(Annyeonghaseyo - hello!) 

We're Diana and Alice - two sisters who founded Inspire Me Korea 

We curate a unique experience for Korean lovers - a monthly Korean Culture box encompassing a variety of elements including: Korean Food/Snacks, Beauty/Skincare, K-Pop merchandise, Cultural Souvenirs, Recipes, History, Trends, Language Learning and much more - all beautifully tied into a different theme each month.


They say ‘Travelling broadens the mind

We say ‘Cultural Experiences broadens the soul’

We believe you should be able to 'travel' and 'experience' Korea without huge budgets and getting on a plane. We ship our curated boxes worldwide, bringing you closer to Korea, no matter where you are.

Whether you've never been to Korea before or have and want to relive your memories, you can try Korean food, beauty and skincare products and learn about the culture through merchandise and souvenirs and a unique culture and trends magazine written by us. 

We put a lot of thought and care into the contents of your box each month, packing it to the brim with pieces of South Korea's vibrant and diverse culture.

Already thousands of 'InspireMes' all over the world enjoy our boxes - a precious gift they eagerly anticipate every month.

Through our boxes, we wish to spread joy and inspiration to many corners of the globe - touching people, broadening minds and enriching lives.

We hope you're inspired to join us on this journey :)


We offer vegan boxes (snacks & cosmetics/skincare products) for our vegan and vegetarian customers. 

Our box packaging is also made from a sustainable source and is 100% recyclable. 

You can re-use the box to store your books, your favourite jewellery, or pop it in the recycle bin along with the acid-free tissue paper, bubble wrap and mailing bag sent to you.

We also support independent artists, designers, up and coming musicians and small businesses - make sure to look out for carefully curated products and content from this community in your box each month.

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Our Team



An explorer, creator and do-er. Can easily be found marathon-ing a K-drama. No spoilers please.



Passionate for travelling the world and learning about different cultures. Will work for pancakes and coconuts.

Niko, the Bunny

Model, actor and mascot

Loves to hop around to Kpop, learn new recipes and try new face masks. Basically, a ball of happiness in the form of fluff.

Our Writers


  • Diana IMK
  • Faye Broadbent
  • Song Y Yoon
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  • Patricia Ivy Quiachon
  • Stephanie Wieland
  • Ellena Quinn
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Magazine Designers

  • Senior Designer: Deanna Rosli
  • Micah Arias
  • Livia Huang
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